Questions for Interviewing Housekeepers for Hotel Jobs

Hire housekeepers who are happy to be there.

Hire housekeepers who are happy to be there.

You won’t see any returning guests at your hotel if your rooms are messy and your staff is rude. Much of the success of your hotel depends on the quality of your staff. Since your housekeepers are in daily contact with guests, you need to make sure that you hire reliable, talented personnel. You also want those who can smile and be friendly to your paying customers. Your guests want both a spotless room and courteous consideration, so ask questions during interviews that give you a good sense of the kind of workers you hire.

Why Do You Want This Job?

The ideal candidate will be one who expresses interest in growing with the company and learning the business from the ground up. These kinds of housekeepers are going to be the most conscientious because they’ll be looking for opportunities to move into positions of greater responsibility. Workers who just need a job may fill a vacancy, but may not be as motivated to do excellent work as those who plan to make a career in the industry.

How Would You React to a Guest Who Yelled At You?

Even the most conscientious housekeeper is going to come into contact with a dissatisfied guest. It’s part and parcel of the work. An effective interview should include examples of how the housekeeper reacted to disgruntled customers in previous jobs, or, for newcomers to the industry, what they would do when faced with an angry customer. You want to hire an employee who knows the value of listening to a customer's grievances and working to resolve his issues.

How Well Do You Work With Others?

Running a hotel and keeping guests happy is a team affair, and you need to ensure that new hires will fit in with your current team and the company culture you’ve created. Ask for specific examples of teams and projects the candidate has worked on in past jobs or experiences, and what resulted from her efforts. In an article for HCareers, professional recruiter Ann Rhoades suggests bringing in some of your top managers and other employees to engage in the interview process. Train your staff to conduct these interviews and then compare notes afterward to come up with the best candidates.

How Do You React When Asked to Re-clean a Room?

Even the most experienced housekeepers miss an occasional detail in rooms. The most effective housekeepers appreciate the opportunity to improve and learn from their mistakes. Housekeepers who take offense at criticism typically are not team players and may create additional problems further down the line. Ask the candidate to give you specific examples of when she was criticized for her work in previous jobs, how she reacted and what happened afterward.

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