Questions to Ask in a Teaching Interview

Potential teachers anticipate spending their days sharing their knowledge and asking questions of their students. As they prepare their daily lesson plans, teachers try to design questions to draw the best responses from their students and ensure that they have learned what they need to know. Queries are also a key part of the interview process. Hopeful teaching candidates should ask questions that demonstrate their desire to provide the best learning experience they can give their future students.

What Extracurricular Activities Does the School Offer?

    Extracurricular activities give students the chance to perform, play sports or compete academically. Different schools offer different activities and usually require teachers to lead them. Teachers may volunteer to lead the extracurricular activities they are interested in; or, the administration may assign these tasks to individual teachers. The teaching candidate should ask questions to learn how the school matches teachers with activities.

What Technology Resources Does the School Have Available?

    Students use cell phones and laptop computers on a daily basis. In the 21st century, they often learn the nuances of various software applications before they learn other life skills. Smart teachers can harness their students' abilities by using technology to enhance the classroom experience. on the interview, potential teachers should ask questions about what technology is available in the school and what resources the school plans to invest in for the future.

How Does the School Promote Parent Teacher Interaction?

    Teachers work with students for a few hours each day, while parents bear that responsibility most of the time. Parents directly influence their children's development and behavior while they are in school, so the relationship between parents and teachers is critical to each child's development. To build that relationship, schools offer parent-teacher conferences, progress letters and open house events. The teaching candidate should ask questions about how the school encourages parents to be involved with the school and with their child's learning.

What Continuing Education Opportunities Does the School Provide?

    As the world changes around us, it's important for teachers to change as well. News events, technology and current trends provide tools for teachers to keep the students engaged. Teachers need to continually learn how to use new technology and what the current trends are. Some schools offer internal training sessions for teachers to learn these skills; others pay teachers to attend conferences. The candidate should ask questions about how the school encourages professional development for its teachers.

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