Qualities of a Good Copywriter

Copywriting requires dedication, patience and talent.
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If you aspire to be a good copywriter, you need to have the right attitude when it comes to working. Not all creative types or good writers are meant to write copy. While talent may get you in the door, your ambition and dedication will allow you to rise to the top, and your personal qualities always will be reflected in your work.

A Perfectionist’s Ambition

Writing copy means revising multiple drafts, working long hours, and at times rescheduling your evening plans. This type of work is best suited for perfectionists who will stop at nothing until their copy is perfect. While brilliant ideas occasionally may fall into your lap, the best ones usually require a lot of thinking, brainstorming, experimenting and taking risks. You must be driven enough to keep working until the right concept comes alive on paper.

Courage to Fail

There is no easy way to know if you have a hit on your hands. You have to be willing to go on a limb and try new things to please your clients because your creativity is what sets you apart from competitors. Depending on your client, it may be necessary to stay safe with your approach, but that doesn't mean you can't put a clean, fresh spin on your idea. In order to be a good copywriter, you must be willing to fail. Only the courageous are granted success in this field.

Thick Skin

If you are easily discouraged or overly sensitive, this is not the career for you. Good copywriters must have thick skin and be willing to take criticism from all levels of people in the industry. You may think you've written your best copy yet, but your creative director may feel that it isn't the right take on the product or the client may just not like it. If you are worth your salt, you will view setbacks as motivation to improve your craft.

Team Player

If you are a copywriter in an agency, you are not a one-woman show. Whether it’s working with the art director, the creative team or directly with the client, you have to be a team player and get everyone on board with your idea. If you do not gel well with those around you, then your ideas may be unjustly dismissed as a result. Playing well with others will get you further along your path to success.

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