Qualities of a Committed Employee

Committed employees are motivated to complete their assignments.
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A committed employee is one who strives to complete assignments on time, and not someone who dawdles until the last minute, then drives the rest of the office crazy with hysterical efforts to catch up. Committed workers are highly desirable because they try to ensure their employers' success. As a committed employee, you possess certain qualities, which don't include waiting for the clock to strike five so you can bug out. In return, you expect proper compensation and recognition.


    Committed employees cooperate with their bosses and coworkers. They abide by company policies and procedures and help ensure that coworkers do likewise. You may demonstrate your cooperative nature by participating on project teams at work. For example, you may serve the role of financial expert during a new production introduction, apprising managers of sales and profits in major cities after the product hits store shelves. An employee's cooperation is usually accompanied by an equal desire to be competitive, according to CFO Consulting, or doing all that is possible to improve her company's reputation in the marketplace.

Strong Work Ethic

    Most committed employees have strong work ethics. They take initiative to complete tasks, and don't need their bosses continuously reminding them what's next on the agenda. An example of a strong work ethic is showing up for work early and staying late to complete a project for a large client. You take pride in your work and only stop when you've completed your daily tasks.

Results Oriented

    Those who are committed to their employers are usually results oriented. They set goals for themselves, such as completing important projects, and get great satisfaction from their efforts. They constantly challenge themselves to perform better, and align their goals with those of the company. Many hope to obtain promotions so they can make even greater contributions. For example, you may resolve yourself to increase sales in your territory by 10 percent, with the goal of becoming a sales manager your first year.


    Committed employees are usually leaders, especially if they hold a manager or executive position. But even subordinate employees can demonstrate leadership by, for instance, creating a new way to track projects or demonstrating superior customer service skills. They set the tone for others to follow their examples. If you are a committed leader in your company, you also hold yourself accountable for projects in which you are in charge. You delegate tasks but must follow up with others to ensure that they complete them. Otherwise, you take the blame for any shortcomings or missed due dates. Strong leadership can also create committed employees, according to "Business News Daily."

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