How to Do Pushups Without Hurting Your Wrists

Don't let wrist pain prevent you from doing pushups.

Don't let wrist pain prevent you from doing pushups.

Pushups might be the ultimate proof of strength, but they can also be painful if not done properly. In particular, pushups can put a lot of pressure on your wrists. The key to doing pushups without pain is simple: proper form. Position your body correctly and avoid shifting your weight to prevent wrist pain.

Grasp dumbbells instead of placing your hands on the floor. Wrist pain during pushups is caused by the position of your hands -- when you place your hands on the ground, the wrists bend at a 90-degree angle, causing strain and pain. You can prevent this by placing dumbbells on the ground and grabbing on to them. This keeps your wrists straight, as your fingers have to wrap around the dumbbell to get into position.

Make a fist and perform the pushups on your knuckles, rather than placing your open hands on the floor. This position also keeps your wrists straight, so it's a good option if dumbbells are not available. To prevent your knuckles from hurting, make sure you do your push ups on a thick mat or folded towels.

Place your hands directly under your shoulders if you're doing pushups the traditional way. Position your hands on the ground rather than using the dumbbells. This keeps your body weight evenly distributed, so you're not placing more weight than necessary on your wrists. If the pain persists, place your knees on the ground and do pushups that way. Your knees will absorb a good deal of your body weight, easing the pressure on your wrists.

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