How to Provide an Interview Answer to "What Do You Have to Offer?"

Don't be afraid to talk yourself up during an interview.
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Talking about your qualifications during a job interview is not bragging. This is the time to talk about yourself in glowing terms and not be a showoff. At some time during the interview process, the question arises regarding what you have to offer the company and why hire you over others. It’s best to prepare in advance with a well-planned answer that will make you stand out in the crowd.

    Step 1

    Read over the job requirements and highlight everything that applies to your qualifications. Go over your resume and match up the job requirements to your skills and experience.

    Step 2

    Consider each point individually and write down instances where you put these qualities into play. Be specific on how you solved problems, met quotas, finished projects, contributed to your organization’s bottom line and supervised others. Cite examples.

    Step 3

    Make a list of your achievements and awards. Memorize them.

    Step 4

    Investigate the company’s background and needs to determine how you can best fulfill those needs.

    Step 5

    Practice answering the question about what you have to offer until you feel comfortable sharing your accomplishments. Emphasis your unique abilities. Discuss your education, special training, knowledge and experience that will differentiate you from other applicants. Mention client relationships that benefit the company.

    Step 6

    Discuss working in a team environment, and how you value the skill of working well with others.

    Step 7

    Ask a friend to listen to your presentation, and to ask you other related questions, so you will be prepared for follow up.

    Step 8

    Be professional in appearance and demeanor, showing the employer that you are a person they want to hire.

    Step 9

    End your presentation with a short summary that incorporates all your skills and achievements. Tell your interviewer why your qualifications are the best match for the job and that you will work hard to outperform other applicants. Let her know that you a proactive worker and are very interested in the job.

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