Pros & Cons of Daily Pushups

Pushups can help you develop upper-body strength.
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Pushups are a popular exercise in part because they are easy to perform, require no equipment and work several muscles. While the primary muscles worked are your chest muscles, pushups also strengthen your triceps and shoulders. Performing pushups every day can be beneficial in some respects, although it may also have drawbacks, so consider the pros and cons before adopting such a workout plan.

Efficient Muscle Strengthening

One benefit of performing pushups daily is that it is an efficient way to work out several muscles at the same time. The pushup is a compound exercise, meaning that it works multiple muscle groups, rather than just one. By working your chest, triceps and shoulders simultaneously, you can save time; it will spare you from having to spend time doing exercises for each muscle group separately. Your abdominal muscles and lower-back muscles are also worked by pushups, as they stabilize your body throughout the movement. Many exercises for the chest, triceps, shoulders and lower back require dumbbells, barbells or other equipment, so doing pushups daily at home will allow you to train numerous muscles without having to commute to the gym every day.

Weight Management

Performing pushups every day can help you manage your weight. Whether you want to maintain your current weight or want to lose weight, getting into a routine that involves daily exercise can help you meet your goals. Making exercise convenient can help you stick with your routine; the Mayo Clinic notes that making exercise part of your daily routine is one of the best ways to stay motivated for fitness. Because pushups require no equipment and can be performed anywhere, they are highly convenient and may motivate you to exercise every day, burning calories with every session. Exercises that use multiple muscles burn more calories than those that use just one muscle, so pushups can be more efficient for weight management than exercises that isolate individual muscles.

Muscular Imbalance

Performing pushups every day may lead to a muscular imbalance, as you may overdevelop your chest and end up paying inadequate attention to your back muscles. This can lead to an abnormal posture and limited functionality when playing sports. Thus, a more balanced workout program with less emphasis on your chest may be more beneficial.

Inadequate Recovery

If you perform pushups every day, you may find that you aren't progressing as quickly in terms of muscle growth as you might with a plan that allowed for more recovery time. If you don't schedule adequate rest time between workouts for the same muscle groups, it can hinder your efforts to develop strength and help your muscles grow. Research from the March 2009 edition of "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise" indicates that beginners should only exercise two to three times weekly, and that even advanced athletes should restrict workouts to four to six times weekly for optimal results, as taking days off for recovery is necessary at any fitness level.

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