Pros & Cons of Home Typing Jobs

Home typing jobs require self-discipline.

Home typing jobs require self-discipline.

With modern technologies like wifi and feather-light laptops, home typing jobs are an increasingly feasible source of income. Accepting typing assignments at home entails activities like transcribing dictation for professionals such as doctors and lawyers. Other legitimate projects available include typing reports and proposals for business owners and manuscripts for authors, as well as other similar handwritten documents. Just like any other job, there are pros and cons to a home typing position.

Pro: Autonomy

One advantage to accepting home typing jobs is that although someone does assign you work to complete, you won't have a boss watching your every move. You can type while sitting on your patio and enjoying the sun or while lounging in your bed. As long as you successfully complete your work, the person you work for won't care if you typed it while standing on your head.

Pro: Flexible Work Hours

In addition to working where you want, home typing jobs typically allow you to work when you want. You still have deadlines to meet but you can work at 3:00 a.m. to meet them if you want. Flexibility is a great feature if you have children or other commitments that demand your attention during the day.

Pro: Low Investment

Typing jobs from home typically require a fairly low investment in equipment. As long as you have a computer and a set of earphones, you are usually good to go. Certain jobs may require you to download special software or order extra equipment like a foot pedal to control dictation speed, but otherwise, start-up costs are minimal if you already have a computer.

Pro: Pay

While you won't necessarily get rich typing from home, the pay is decent for a job you can do from the comfort of your bed. Companies are known to pay 1/2 cent per word, which can average about $12-$15 per hour. What's great about typing jobs is that the faster you type, the more you earn. This is true even if you are paid by assignment rather than by hour because it allows you to complete more assignments in less time. Therefore, your earning power is in your hands.

Con: Monotony/Repetition

Home typing jobs tend to have an element of monotony that could be considered a negative by some. Transcribing recorded information like court documents typically requires not only playing the recording once but several times to get every word right. It also usually entails playing recordings at a slower pace in order to avoid replaying them countless times so you can hear everything that needs to be transcribed.

Con: Avoiding Scams

Making sure you find a reputable company to work for is also a possible con of a home typing job. While there are legitimate online companies, careful consideration must be given to checking out a company before you work for them. Websites that promote work-at-home jobs in general can help you discern legitimate assignments. Always be cautious when companies require you to pay a fee for accessing assignments.

Con: Distractions

Typing requires that you pay close attention to detail, so you need to have a fairly quiet environment in which to work. If you can't find a moment's peace in your home, a typing job can prove difficult. Additionally, if your home is peaceful enough but you yourself are easily distracted, you may not have the concentration level necessary to type successfully for long periods of time.

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