How to Properly Do the Falling Leaf Jump on Ice Skates for Adults

Skate backward to begin your falling leaf jump.
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Figure skaters may be understandably nervous when the word “falling” is applied to one of their jumps, but experienced skaters typically don’t have to worry about the falling leaf jump. The falling leaf is a basic figure skating move featuring a relatively easy jump and half-turn. Adult figure skaters are most likely to perform the split jump variation, which is more challenging than the standard falling leaf jump.

    Step 1

    Skate backward in a counterclockwise arc.

    Step 2

    Flex your knees to prepare for the jump.

    Step 3

    Leap off the outside edge of your right skate, extend your arms horizontally away from your sides and execute a half-turn in the air. You should be traveling in the same direction you were previously skating, but now facing forward.

    Step 4

    Extend your left leg in front of you, in the direction you’re moving, and drop your right leg slightly behind your torso. Create a 90-degree angle or greater between your thighs, with both feet the same distance above the ice at the top of your jump.

    Step 5

    Land on your left toe, then immediately stride forward with your right foot and continue skating, to maintain your momentum.


    • Skate in a clockwise arc and reverse the left and right skate directions to jump off of your left foot and land on your right.


    • If you are a skating novice, seek the guidance and instruction of a professional skating coach before attempting this jump.

    Things You'll Need

    • Ice skates

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