Problems of Working With Your Spouse in the Workplace

Working closely with your spouse can challenge your relationship.

Working closely with your spouse can challenge your relationship.

If you're the type of person who needs a certain amount of time and space away from your spouse, being co-workers isn't a smart plan. It's possible to happily work alongside your spouse, but this dynamic is bound to pose a few problems.

Work Talk

If you work with your spouse, it's inevitable that your conversations away from the office will include what happened at work that day. While talking about work isn't necessarily negative, doing so too much can result in work dominating your life -- even weekends and holidays. "Forbes" suggests limiting shop talk to avoid it taking over. For example, decide that you'll review the day for 10 minutes on the commute home, and then drop the subject.

Time Apart

It might be a cliché that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but many couples believe in giving each other a bit of space to keep things healthy. When you work with your spouse, you can spend much of the workweek close to each other, which doesn't allow time apart. Soon, you might find yourself longing for a little time by yourself. "Forbes" recommends choosing a hobby that gives you time by yourself or with a few friends.

Role Issues

If you're typically the spouse who makes the decisions in your relationship, you'll have to swallow your pride if you answer to your spouse at work. This dynamic can be tricky, reports CNN Money. Likewise, the supervisor spouse must be careful to avoid treating her spouse differently than other employees to avoid rumors of preferential treatment circulating the workplace. Before either spouse applies for a promotion, talk through how a promotion might affect your relationship.

Home Life

Every couple has disagreements or quarrels, but many cool off over time. If you're ticked off at your spouse for something that happened during breakfast, avoid carrying those feelings into the workday, advises "Reader's Digest." If you're snippy with your spouse because of your home life, it creates an unprofessional relationship in the workplace that can cause problems if your colleagues feel they have to side with you or your spouse.

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