How to Prepare the Week of a Track Meet

Rest as much as possible before a day of intense competition.
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The week of a track meet, you need to carry on as normally as possible with fewer hard workouts, and make sure to eat and sleep well. Do not try any new activities and avoid stressing your body and mind. Finally, make sure to rest.

    Step 1

    Stay hydrated throughout the week. Drink at least eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day, as well as an occasional sports drink to replenish electrolytes lost during workouts. Avoid coffee, tea, soda and other dehydrating beverages.

    Step 2

    Sleep well. The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults get seven or eight hours of sleep each night and adolescents receive nine or more.

    Step 3

    Eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates will help keep up your energy levels. Lean proteins will help you maintain your carbohydrate boost, but too much dairy or fatty meat can be difficult to digest, causing you to feel sluggish. The night before the meet, eat whole grain pasta with vegetables, if possible.

    Step 4

    Keep your workouts light as you get closer to meet day. Your workouts shouldn't test your limits right before your meet. Instead, warm up well and perform workouts that are not as intense as your normal routine, according to Ripped Naturally.

    Step 5

    Increase the intensity of your workouts as you decrease the frequency and distance, according to Ripped Naturally. This will help you keep your heart rate up and body prepared, without the stress of longer distances or more repetitions.

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