How to Plan a Career Fair

One way to be of service to your community is by hosting a career fair. You'll make it easier on job seekers as well as employers. Job seekers don't have to drive all over the city to submit applications to numerous employers. Employers don't have to spend a lot of money on recruiting costs. Planning a career fair is all about details and organization.

Step 1

Create a budget for the career fair. The budget breakdown should include all event expenses, including but not limited to venue rental, marketing and promotional materials, office supplies, tables, chairs, event ushers and refreshments.

Step 2

Determine what type of career fair you want to host. For instance, you can host a fair those interested in healthcare industry jobs. Perhaps you want to focus on information technology job seekers. To drive more job seekers and employers to the fair, do not limit the fair to one specific category.

Step 3

Contact employers to let them know about your career fair. Ask each employer to pay a booth fee to participate. Each participating employer should complete a vendor agreement. If you don't know how to create a vendor agreement, there are plenty of online resources that offer free templates. To increase employer participation, be sure your business is registered with your state. Otherwise, you may receive minimal or no participation.

Step 4

Find sponsors to help cover the cost of the career fair. Many corporations include community sponsorship programs into the budget each year. Much of this money goes unused simply because people never ask for it. To get corporate sponsors, submit a letter of intent to the company's corporate office. Explain in the letter your desires to hold a community career fair. Include a copy of the budget breakdown. Mention some of the employers who are participating in your event. Explain what the company will receive in return for sponsorship, such as sponsor recognition and signage in a prominent location at the event.

Step 5

Secure a venue for the fair. The venue all depends upon the budget. If you are operating on a low budget, use a local school cafeteria or gym. To rent a high school facility, contact the facility services department for the school district in which the school is located. Simply provide the facility services director with the date and time of your career fair. He will let you know whether the facility is available.

Step 6

Start promoting your career fair to the community. You can do this by posting fliers. Post an advertisement in the local newspaper. Because your career fair is a community service event, some radio and television stations may announce your event for free.

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