The Best Places in Texas to Go Mountain Bike Riding

Texas provides mountain biking fun for all skill levels.

Texas provides mountain biking fun for all skill levels.

It’s the largest state in the continental U.S., so it’s no surprise that Texas contains hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, Texas has trails to test your fitness. Some trails are best for specific abilities, while others contain a variety of difficulties to challenge any rider.

Best Beginner Trails

Beginner trails generally have very few obstacles, ruts or steep hills. These trails tend to be wider than more difficult trails and may often be doubletrack trails or jeep roads. Beginner trails are an excellent choice for anyone new to mountain biking and families with young children. Good beginner trails in Texas include Gateway Park in Fort Worth, Faulkner Park in Tyler and Huntsville State Park in Huntsville.

Best Intermediate Trails

Riders with stronger technical skills may wish to move up to the intermediate trails of the region. Intermediate trails have more obstacles, such as logs and rock gardens, and steeper hills than beginner trails. Texas hosts many excellent intermediate trails, including Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville and Big Cedar Wilderness Trails in Dallas.

Best Difficult Trails

If you're ready for a challenge, Texas is also home to a variety of difficult trails. Difficult trails have numerous obstacles riders must maneuver, including long rock gardens, narrow bridges, water crossings and off-camber sections of trail. Difficult trails may also include steep hills or sections of trail along exposed cliffs. Roughrider Canyon Freeride park in El Paso, Reveille Peak in Burnet and Tapatio Springs in Boerne provide difficult trails to challenge the advanced rider.

Best Mixed-Difficulty Trails

When riding with a group, you may want to find an area with a variety of trail difficulties. New riders in the group can stick to the easier trails, while more seasoned riders can try their skills on advanced trails. Some of the best trail systems with varied difficulties are located within the many state parks of Texas, such as Big Bend Ranch State Park in Presidio, Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera and Tyler State Park in Tyler.


Check with each area before venturing out on your mountain bike trip. Some areas close due to weather, especially heavy rains. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of each area before you head out on the trail. Some trails may have one-way sections or close at specific times. If you’re new to the sport, stop by your local bike shop for equipment recommendations or beginner classes.

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