How to Persuade Someone to Hire You for a Job

Be confident and friendly to ensure that you will be a pleasure to work with.
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Before an employer or client hires you to perform a job, she wants to know that you are capable of getting the job done well. Chances are good that a lot of other job applicants are competing for the same position you desire. To get the job, step up your game -- you must persuade the employer, beyond all doubt, that you are a better job candidate than the competition.

    Step 1

    Present the employer with an updated resume to show off your relevant job experience. If you're a creative individual seeking to get new clients, present a portfolio of your sample work. A client is more likely to hire you when she can see the quality of work you perform. Your resume should reflect your commitment and dedication. If your resume shows that you change jobs every few months, the employer is less likely to hire you.

    Step 2

    Convince the employer that you would be an asset to her company; do this by listing accomplishments on your resume. Insert facts and statistics that show how the productivity of other employers increased as a result of your efforts.

    Step 3

    Provide references or recommendation letters to the employer or client and make sure that all the contact information is up-to-date. Though you need to do a certain amount of self promotion to the employer, the praise of a well-chosen third party has a much bigger impact on the decision to hire you.

    Step 4

    Ace the interview process. Show up well-groomed. Be professional, personable and friendly. Research the company so you can speak about it in such a way that shows the employer your genuine interest in, and understanding of, the company and how you can contribute to its success.

    Step 5

    Offer to accept a lower salary for the job. If you're offering creative services, provide a discount. Sometimes, the only reason a client is hesitant to hire someone is that she can't afford that person's rates. Refer to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website to research salary statistics for the work you will be doing.

    Step 6

    Volunteer to work for free to get your foot in the door. This strategy demonstrates diligence and determination, two qualities that attract most employers. While volunteering, you can show the employer how good you are at the job and give her a strong incentive to hire you for pay.

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