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Science is a large part of paranormal investigation.
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The TV listings are filled with shows that follow the thrilling lives of paranormal investigators as they search through haunted houses and rid them of evil spirits. If this line of work piques your interest, there are various careers to choose from. Though several of the jobs depend on the existence of some psychic ability, there is a growing scientific aspect of this industry that opens it up to everyone.


    Paranormal investigators research activity that cannot be explained. As an investigator, you may work as an independent contractor or as part of a company hired to investigate strange occurrences. According to the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomenon, investigations might entail experiences with ghosts, demons, spirits and even aliens. Investigators mix psychic techniques with scientific rationale to research, verify and document paranormal activity. Through on-site observations and office research, you might be able to explain occurrences that once seemed beyond explanation. Training for paranormal investigating usually happens on the job. You should contact investigators in your area and inquire about working as an intern or assistant.

Working the Camera

    Documentation is key to paranormal investigating. This is often done with the help of videographers, who accompany researchers on assignment. According to the research company Searchlight Paranormal Investigations, paranormal investigating is most often done in the dark, when senses other than sight are at high levels of perception. To capture events that occur in the dark, experienced videographers are hired to operate high-quality night vision cameras. Investigators use the video footage to search for signs of paranormal activity. Video editing is also utilized to make images clearer to investigators. Videographers may work as a part of an investigation team, where they are paid a regular hourly rate. Some also work as independent contractors, with payment determined on a per-project basis.

    An experienced video technician is key to documenting paranormal activity.

Strictly Science

    Parapsychology is scholarly research of unusual phenomena. Practitioners in this discipline assert that paranormal occurrences are both subjective and objective, where your thoughts become tangible objects. Parapsychologists believe that science can or will be used to explain all incidents of paranormal activity. Proponents of parapsychology have fought to have it recognized as a legitimate science and continuously advocate for the discipline to be offered at mainstream colleges and universities. As of 2013, there a limited number of schools internationally that offer the discipline. According to the American Institute of Parapsychology, parapsychologists focus on research, but may be called out to sites of unusual activity to assist with investigations or gather documentation. You may work as an independent contractor or for a paranormal investigation agency.

Communicating With Spirits

    A psychic medium is someone who communicates with spirits. In paranormal investigations, psychic mediums are sometimes used to communicate with spirits that may be dwelling inside of a structure or person. Psychic mediums perform their duties by entering a deep trance, where they are able to communicate with spirits and bring their replies back to human form. Investigators use these communications to assist with historical research, or to determine the best course of action to alleviate paranormal activities. Psychic mediums most often work as independent contractors, charging an hourly or per-reading rate. When starting out, you might want to find a fellow medium to mentor you in using your gifts and developing your business.

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