How to Do P90X at a Gym

A gym gives you access to the equipment you need.
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The P90X program is designed for people who'd rather work out at home than at the gym. But sometimes you may find it easier to work out at the gym -- for instance if you're travelling and want to use the hotel gym, or if you just don't have all the equipment you need to perform the workouts in your home. Wherever you workout, be prepared to work hard and, as P90X creator Tony Horton says in the videos, make sure you "bring it!"

Step 1

Pick a spot in the gym where you'll have room to do your workouts. According to the P90X frequently asked questions, you need a 6-foot-by-6-foot space to do these workouts.

Step 2

Gather the equipment that you'll need for the specific workout that you're doing. This equipment is listed for each workout in the "P90X Fitness Guide." For instance, for most of the resistance exercises you'll need a range of dumbbells and a pull-up bar so you should gather the weights you'll need and position yourself near the pull-up station.

Step 3

Play your P90X DVD using your computer or a portable DVD player. Alternatively you can use the mobile version of the workouts that you can watch using the P90X app for your iOS device.

Step 4

Perform the videos as instructed. Because you're working out in a public venue you may need to take unexpected breaks -- for instance if a piece of equipment is not immediately available. If this happens simply pause the video and keep your body moving to avoid cooling down.

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