What Order to Do Yoga Booty Ballet Workouts

Yoga Booty Ballet classes combine dance and yoga styles.
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What do you get when meditation, a ballet arabesque, booty shaking Latin American beats and yoga breathing meet in one workout? Yoga Booty Ballet creators Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough mixed elements like those in the fitness method that’s also available in an 18-workout DVD series touted on TV infomercials. The order of Yoga Booty Ballet class takes you through a free-flowing sequence of yoga and dance styles.

About Yoga Booty Ballet

Yoga Booty Ballet is an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western fitness techniques, combining meditation, cardiovascular dance workouts, ballet steps and Kundalini and Hatha yoga elements. The meditation elements bring focus and a connection between physical and mental, while the high-intensity dance steps give you a cardio workout, according to Los Angeles-based Swerve Studio. Ballet steps are added for muscle strength and agility, while yoga elements help with flexibility and balance, the fitness studio reports.

Dance Sequence

Yoga Booty Ballet 55-minute classes typically begin with a warm-up section that’s anything but ordinary. Upbeat and designed to get you dancing to warm your muscles, the warm-up is a little rock ‘n’ roll. A series of ballet exercises inspired by classic ballet barre steps comes next to target the glutes, hips and thighs. The next sequence is called the Booty Ballet Sculpt where a cardio series features pliés and upper-body toning, sometimes using light hand weights.

Yoga and Pilates Sequence

After the dance sections, Yoga Booty Ballet classes typically move to the powerful yoga section where you’ll stretch and hold yoga poses. Next up is the Pilates-inspired abdominal section on the floor. This section often features a 7-inch ball to help you squeeze your abs and inner thighs. The Hatha yoga cool-down section occurs at the end of the class featuring breathing, lengthening and flexibility exercises.

Every Class is Different

Although there’s a general order to each Yoga Booty Ballet class, each class is unique. While classes draw from yoga and ballet, there’s an emphasis on the “booty” part, according to “Whole Life” magazine. Steps get you moving your body and shaking your booty like you’re in a free-style pop music video. Moves with names like “stir the pot” and “bad kitty” bring the fun to the cardio part of the workout.

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