Online Career Assessment Test

Online career assessment tests help you to focus on career options.

Online career assessment tests help you to focus on career options.

Career assessments provide indications of jobs or careers that match your aptitudes and personality. There is a variety of online career assessment tests that include evaluations of a person’s job interest and personality. These tests typically explain how skills, knowledge, abilities, and values affect career choices. Sometimes, the results include education options that will advance a person’s career, and suggest the corporate environment and culture suitable for you.


Online career assessment tests are useful if you're looking for a job or want to know all your career opportunities. If you're facing a career decision, aren't entirely happy with your job or need career advice, an online career assessment test might be a good option. You can also use career assessment tests if you're considering which degree will best advance your career. They are also useful if you're returning to work after an extended absence. These tests are available for college students planning a career, or professionals considering career changes.


Career assessment tests include interest, skills and aptitude and personality tests. Interest tests focus on your values or interest and determine where your passions lie. Taking a skills and aptitude test measures your intelligence and skills you've already learned. You likely have superstar talents in certain areas, and these tests will identify them. Personality tests support the results of other assessment tests. These tests elicit the things that motivate you, your preferences and how you interact with others.

What to Expect

During the career assessment test, you'll answer a series of questions, some of which will be timed. The profiler will determine your strongest work-related interests after scoring your answers. You should go with your first thought, because there aren't any right or wrong answers for these questions. In the interests test, you'll rate your inclination toward different career choices. Typical skills and aptitude tests include questions about numerical and verbal reasoning, perception, language and technical skills and exceptional abilities. Typically, at the end of a personality test, you'll receive a code that is associated with a certain personality type. You can then use your code to find job suggestions that match your personality.


Choosing the right career assessment test may seem tricky, because there are hundreds you can take online. The key is to look for a test that speaks to you. Choose an exam that has questions that have meaning for you. In other words, if you have no idea what the questions are driving at, the assessment is probably not a good choice. If the career recommended is one you have in mind, it could be an indication that you took the right online career assessment test. Your best choices for which test to try are going to be offered by government agencies and educational institutions. So, look for those .gov, .org and .edu websites. Resist the urge to select wishful answers on the test, because dishonest answers may lead you to pursue jobs that will make you extremely unhappy.

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