Office Coordinator Duties

A competent and pleasant office coordinator buoys the office environment and holds everybody together.
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The office coordinator connects all administrative functions of the office and performs them fluidly, allowing the office to function like a well-oiled machine. She serves as the conduit between staff, superiors and customers. Her duties vary. She might create a complex spreadsheet one minute, and change the toner the next. An organized, goal-driven office coordinator is essential to any organization. Without one, the influx of paperwork and phone calls will lead to chaos and ultimately an under-performing business.

Document Management

    Paperwork control is one of the major responsibilities of the office coordinator. She is responsible for typing error-free copy from oral and written sources. This copy includes correspondence, minutes and contracts. She also maintains an organized filing system and is responsible for researching and gathering additional data needed to complete reports. Swift yet precise proofreading is essential to this job because she handles all administrative functions including staff activity reports and time cards.


    The office coordinator uses high-traffic email on a regular basis. The messages she sends should be articulate, concise and accurate. Also, she will answer and field numerous phone calls. A pleasant and personable attitude is required. And she must be consistent. She will more than likely be the first person a customer and/or client interacts with. She has no room for off-days with her demeanor. A rude office coordinator can taint any potential business a company could receive since competent business people know that a bad attitude equals bad business.


    The office coordinator handles financial transactions. She might be responsible for tracking accounts payable and receivable. This takes financial adeptness, so she must have basic accounting skills. In addition, she purchases supplies and may be responsible for tracking the value of current supply inventory. If the company uses petty cash, she may be responsible for reconciling checking accounts and tracking receipts from petty cash purchases.

Computer Literacy

    It's a well-established fact that the office coordinator must be computer literate. She must have expert knowledge with word processing, email programs, presentation tools and spreadsheets. And as companies experience technological advances, she must advance as well. For example, an office coordinator who thoroughly understands a bookkeeping program must now understand the intricate details of connecting local data with corporate data. Basic emails can now be used for polling purposes and she must pay meticulous attention to detail in planning company events and meetings. Also, some companies have replaced notepads with tablets when conducting meetings. The office coordinator -- especially one with secretarial duties -- must know how to stay connected.

Other Duties Assigned

    The office coordinator must be a humble team player. Depending on the business, she could be responsible for managing office staff as well as taking out the trash. She might be the lifeline to a stressed-out manager who just experienced a paper jam. When the fax machine breaks, she will be expected to make miracles happen. If the office is too cold, she has to warm it. If the Internet goes down, she better have IT there yesterday. The duties of the office coordinator might seem small, but to the staff that relies on her, she must come through. In short, she must be able to multitask while wearing a constant smile.

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