How to Take Off Twist Bike Shifters

You can remove twist bike shifters at home.
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Whether you routinely bike off-road trails or just enjoy riding around town, your bike's gear shifters probably get plenty of use. There are many different varieties of gear shifters, but twist bike shifters are common, particularly on mountain bikes. Over time, they can wear out or become damaged and need to be replaced. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can remove and repair or replace your bike's twist bike shifters.

    Step 1

    Shift the front and rear derailleurs into the smallest gears. Position the bike upright, on its kickstand.

    Step 2

    Cut the shifter cables just above the cable caps using side cutters.

    Step 3

    Loosen the pinch bolts on the derailleurs using a wrench. Remove the shifter cables from the derailluers.

    Step 4

    Pry off the handlebar end caps using a screwdriver. If your end caps fasten, use an Allen key set to loosen the hex bolts.

    Step 5

    Slide the grips off the handlebars. If your grips fasten, use an Allen key set to loosen the hex bolts.

    Step 6

    Loosen the shifter clamps using an Allen key set. Slide the twist shifters off the handlebars.

    Step 7

    Pull the shifter cables out of the housings that convey them to their respective derailleurs.


    • Take every precaution to preserve the quality of any part you will be reusing. Try not to scratch the end caps or mar the grips.

    Things You'll Need

    • Side cutters

    • Wrench

    • Screwdriver

    • Allen key set

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