Objectives for Workers in Warehouses and Assembly Lines

Manufacturing and warehouse jobs involve certain objectives.
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Typical production and warehouse objectives include following safety protocols while creating and warehousing quality products. Manufacturing plants usually start each shift with a safety and work meeting. The meeting focuses on the day's objectives. It typically includes a safety topic discussion, the products manufactured during that particular shift, and the day's production goals and quotas.


    Your head for detail and safety will help you out in a manufacturing and warehouse environment. Assembling products and storing them in warehouses require workers with an understanding of both work and safety objectives. Safety objectives include understanding how to correctly use personal protection equipment required for each job, potential job hazards posed by assembling or storing products and the precautions workers must take to ensure safe work practices. This could include a daily check of protective equipment to make certain it is safe to use, and setting up the materials needed for production.

Materials Handling

    Manufacturing plants are akin to working in a kitchen. Each item assembled follows a specific plan or recipe for completion. This includes prepping the materials, understanding material-handling safety protocols, working with conveyor belts and other assembly-line equipment, and the ways in which daily production goals must be met. The bottom line assembly-line objective involves efficiently and safely assembling quality products at reduced costs while meeting daily quotas. The efficient handling of materials can increase productivity while maintaining safe work practices in a manufacturing environment.


    When you don't work on the assembly line, you might instead work in the warehouse. Once products leave the assembly line, one objective would include packaging the products and readying them for storage in the warehouse. A warehouse employee has to have an understanding of the warehouse layout, the specific areas designated for each product and how to properly identify the items for storage. Another objective involves bar-coding products for storage and updating the computer with the stored product's location in the warehouse. Warehouse workers also need to know how to avoid creating safety hazards by keeping products in their designated locations, away from the middle of aisles. (Ref. 3)

Product Fulfillment

    Once you store items in the warehouse, another objective involves order fulfillment. Based on a computer pick list, you select items for a customer order. The main objective would be an efficient and quick fulfillment of an order and readying it for shipping. Another objective would encompass packaging the customer's order in a timely manner, and the safe loading of the item onto a truck or other vehicle.

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