How to Not Get Bored While Running

Vary your running terrain to keep each run interesting.
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Running isn't known for being one of the most entertaining or exciting forms of exercise, but it is an effective way to get in shape without going to the gym or buying expensive workout videos and other equipment. Whether you're training for a marathon or just trying to lose some extra pounds, taking a few actions to make your run less boring will help you enjoy your workouts more. The less bored you are, the more likely you will stick to your routine.

Step 1

Find a running partner. Companionship while running will keep you entertained with small bits of conversation or laughter. If your partner is up for it, racing each other will keep you both entertained and the competition will make you train harder. Knowing that you have a set time to run with someone each day will help keep you committed to your goals. If you don't have a friend who likes to run, join running groups or clubs in your community.

Step 2

Mix up your running terrain and routes. Running the same route everyday and being able to predict every twist, turn and hill you'll be passing can take a lot of the excitement out of your run. Keep yourself interested with new scenery. Take a run through the woods one day, the beach another day and downtown the following day. If you don't have a variety of terrain available, drive to a new neighborhood or reverse your usual route.

Step 3

Make plans while you run. Create a list of things you need to do or think about something you are working on while you run. If you have some brainstorming you need to do for work, do that while you run. If you're going grocery shopping later, make a grocery list in your head while you run. Keeping your brain busy thinking about things other than how far you've run or how tired your legs are will make you feel like the run flew by, and you'll get a few things accomplished in the process.

Step 4

Set a halfway point. Research your route online or drive the route to see where the halfway point in the run will be. If you're running 10 miles, find the 5-mile point and focus on getting that far throughout the first half of your next run. Once you reach the halfway point, focus on getting back home. Setting and reaching small goals throughout your run will make your workout seem shorter.

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