The Net Carbs in Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut adds carbs to coconut creme pie.
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Contrary to what you might have heard, carbohydrates aren't bad -- at least, certain carbohydrates. Without carbohydrates, your body wouldn't function normally. However, the key to eating carbohydrates is choosing the right kind. Coconut creme pie contains a large amount of carbohydrates in the form of refined sugar. While the occasional slice of pie isn't something to worry about, regularly consuming unhealthy carbs can be a diet hazard.

Carbohydrates in Coconut Creme Pie

    The flour, sugar and coconut used to make a coconut creme pie each contribute carbohydrates to the dessert. The majority of the carbohydrates come from the added sugar in the pie, however. A small slice of coconut creme pie contains about 18 grams of carbohydrates, while a large slice has about 24 grams.

Carbohydrate Functions

    Between 45 and 65 percent of your daily diet should be in the form of nutritious carbohydrates, according to Your body relies on carbohydrates for energy. Simple carbohydrates include foods that have added sugar such as desserts like coconut creme pie. Many foods with simple sugars don't supply nutrients, which makes them empty calories that can contribute to weight gain. Complex carbohydrates are healthier options. Whole grains, beans, peas, nuts and seeds are nutritious examples of carbohydrates. Make the majority of the carbohydrates you eat complex and you'll have plenty of energy, as well as a lower risk of developing certain health problems such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Additional Concerns

    The fact that most of the carbohydrates in coconut creme pie come from the added sugar is a concern when it comes to choosing the pie as your dessert. A slice of coconut creme pie contains between 17 and 24 grams of added sugar, which translates to between 4 and 6 teaspoons. Women shouldn't have more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day, according to, so the slice of pie can be an entire day's worth. A serving of coconut creme pie also contains between 7 and 10 grams of fat and close to 200 calories.


    If you really want a piece of coconut creme pie, go ahead and have one -- but make it a small slice. Better yet, have a two- or three-bite sliver of pie. You'll reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates, but you'll still get the creamy taste you're craving. For best results, make your own coconut creme pie so you can control how much sugar goes into the recipe and reduce the net carbs in the dessert. If it's just the coconut taste you're looking for, try sprinkling fresh coconut over plain low-fat yogurt or having a serving of coconut sorbet, which can also be lower in carbs.

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