The Necessity for Low Impact Knee Exercises

Swimming is possibly the best low-impact exercise -- and it's fun, too!
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Oh, your aching knees are getting on your nerves. High heels, shopping, chasing toddlers and your normal vigorous exercise routines are simply impossible when your knees hurt. While you may be tempted to sit down and put your feet up, that's the worst thing you can do. After you've consulted your doctor to ensure that no major damage has been done to your knees, you can implement a low-impact exercise routine that will gradually strengthen your knees and improve the quality of your life.

Extra Weight

Whether your recent weight gain is due to your upcoming blessed event or a few too many smoothies at the local coffee shop, extra weight is hard on your knees. By changing your exercise routine to incorporate low-impact activities, such as swimming, cycling or walking, you can spare your knees and still receive the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic exercise.


After a knee injury, your doctor and physical therapist are likely to recommend low-impact exercises while your knee heals. Rehabilitating after a knee injury, whether you simply slipped and fell or suffered a serious sports injury, is a long and careful process. Low-impact exercise allows you to maintain your fitness level without straining or further injuring your knee.


Surgical solutions to injured knees ranges from arthroscopic surgery to repair torn ligaments and cartilage to a full knee replacement. After the incision heals, water aerobics and swimming are among the recommended low-impact exercises. The water supports your weight, allowing you to exercise your knee without straining the healing muscles, ligaments and cartilage. Adding bicycling and walking are also recommended after the first few weeks as you continue to rehabilitate your knees.


Arthritis isn't just for the elderly; many young women also suffer from chronic inflammation and pain. Your knees are particularly susceptible to injuries and arthritis due to the structure of the knee. By losing weight and using low-impact exercises such as swimming, walking, yoga and tai chi to strengthen the muscles around the knee and keep the joint moving, you can reduce the impact of arthritis on your daily life.

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