Necessary Isolation for Lower Back Exercises

Exercising your lower back helps improve your posture.
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Let’s face it, you can have 101 exercises in your workout routine and if none of them target and strengthen your lower back, after a while they won’t mean squat -- pun intended. Your lower back muscles combine with your ab muscles to help stabilize, balance and maintain alignment throughout your entire physique. Stacking up on a few good lower back isolation exercises can make an important difference for your workout routine; since you’re already flying through those 101, adding a couple more should be a cinch.

Cat Stretch

    The cat stretch targets your lower back muscles while secondarily stimulating your middle back and trapezoid muscles. It is a good beginning exercise for your lower back routine. Position yourself on a mat on your hands and knees. Pull your naval in toward your spine as your arch your back toward the ceiling. Lower your upper back, shoulders and neck as you allow your head to drop. Hold position for 15 seconds. Perform three sets of two reps, resting for five seconds between reps and 20 seconds between sets.

Axle Deadlift

    Axle deadlifts utilize external weight to help you strengthen your lower back muscles. Stand with feet hip width apart with your feet centered under a barbell. Bend at your hips to grip the bar. Take a deep breath as you lower your hips and flex your knees until your shins contact the bar. Keep your chest up, your back arched and your head forward as drive through your heels to move the bar upward. Once the bar passes your knees, aggressively pull it back, pulling your shoulder blades together and driving your hips forward into the bar. Lower the bar by bending your hips and slowing guiding it back to the floor. Perform three sets of two reps, resting three seconds between reps and five seconds between sets.

Squatting Lower Back Stretch

    Squatting lower back stretches target erector spinae muscles. Stand arm length away, facing a fixed bar or side of a counter. Grasp the bar and with your feet flat on the floor, squat down as low as possible, bending down with your arms straight. Slightly lean back and allow your shoulders to stretch forward. Hold stretch for 10 seconds. Perform three sets of two reps. Rest 3 seconds between reps and five seconds between sets.


    Superman exercises isolate your lower back muscles by allowing you to assume an inflight position and contact your lower back muscles. Lie face down on a mat with your legs together and your arms extended parallel and out on the floor. In a slow and controlled manner, raise your upper body and legs of the floor. Hold position for two seconds before slowly returning to the start position. Repeat five times for one set. Perform three sets, resting 10 seconds between sets.

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