Motivating Music for Ab Workouts

Music can keep you motivated during the hardest ab workouts.
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When exercising, music can play a key part in motivating you through your workout. Abdominal exercises are often saved for the end of a strength workout or after a cardio workout, when the heart rate is up and the body is tired, so using music to keep you moving can help you push past the fatigue and finish strong.

Upbeat Music

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When you're starting to get tired or things get tough, sometimes you need an upbeat song to energize you and push you through. Slightly faster-paced songs, such as pop and dance music, can energize and motivate you to get through your ab exercise. This type of music goes well with tough exercises such as plank or side plank.

Slow and Steady Music

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When you want to rest and let your body stop moving, workout music can motivate you to start moving again. Songs with about 100 beats per minute are a little slower paced than your aerobics workout music, which can help you stay a little slower but steady to warm up or ease into your abdominal routine. Exercises such as slow crunches, boat pose or slow leg lifts would pair well with this type of music.

Inspirational Lyrics Music

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Sometimes you may think you're ready to give up on your workout -- maybe there is some shaking or some soreness and burning in the muscles -- but really, you still have the strength and energy to power through. According to yoga, this is often your mind telling you to give up because things are tough, but really you can make it through with a little encouragement. Using music with inspiring lyrics and tempo can remind you to stick with your routine and finish strong. This type of song goes well at the end of your abdominal routine, when you're starting to get tired and ready to give up. Use it to remind you that you can make it through and not give up.

Powerful Music

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In Pilates, the core, including the abs, is referred to as the "Powerhouse." Music with a lot of power behind it, such as rock music or live music, can help motivate you to tap into your powerhouse. When you feel the power of the music, it can motivate you to stay strong and finish your abdominal workout. This type of music goes well with strong, deep, powerful abdominal exercises such as pelvic tucks, bicycles and planks.

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