How to Help & Motivate Colleagues

Motivation benefits individuals and the overall organization.
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When your colleagues are motivated, there’s a much happier work environment. It can help you, as well as the organization, be successful and productive. You can encourage motivation in several ways regardless of whether you are at management level or a junior staffer at the company. But most important in helping and motivating colleagues is helping them to realize self-motivation -- understanding that what they do is appreciated and valued, and that their efforts make a difference.


    Keep an open line of communication with your colleagues at work. This means sharing information as well as thoughts, opinions and complaints. Communication of this type helps each person feel like she is an important member of the team and that her voice matters. During meetings, raise your hand to ask questions and share your thoughts. This will encourage our colleagues to feel comfortable doing the same. Also, whenever there is the opportunity, directly ask your colleagues for thoughts and opinions -- because they matter.

Share Success

    When you work with others, success is shared. Offer your colleagues a pat on the back for a job well done and take the opportunity to acknowledge those who helped you accomplish successful results. For instance, if you are part of the marketing team and a few of your colleagues won recognition in a trade publication for a campaign, celebrate their success. The same goes for if you were a core member of the winning campaign. Point out the hard work of the individuals involved and don’t take it in as individual success.


    Happiness goes hand in hand with staying motivated. While some colleagues may be motivated by an increase in pay, there are nonfinancial motivational factors that may be met. Find out what it is that will make your colleagues happy and see how it can be done. Perhaps a coworker wants the opportunity to take on more projects with a leadership role or a change to the work schedule that you can help make happen. Treating your colleagues kindly helps build a mutual relationship of support and motivation.

Set an Example

    Your attitude and actions at work can help set an example for others to follow. Everything you do, from the way you communicate with colleagues, the passion you put into your work and how you handle challenges, is noticed and can be contagious to others around, inspiring them to act and behave in the same manner. Show your colleague that you appreciate what she does -- even a simple "thank you" will go a long way, according to Lead Star, a consulting firm.

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