Mortician Certification

If you are a licensed mortician or funeral director, you may be seeking out ways to enhance your professional image and further your career. Earning certification allows you to satisfy your personal and professional goals while also helping you to develop new skills to better serve your clients. You can earn certification at both the national and state levels.


    While licensure is required for funeral directors in every state except Colorado, certification is voluntary. Thus, taking the time to pursue certification can benefit your career by demonstrating your skill and dedication to the field of funeral science. Being certified in one or more areas may help you find job opportunities or attract new clientele if you open or run your own funeral home.

CFSP Certification

    The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, APFSP, offers the Certified Funeral Science Practioner, CFSP, certification. This designation can help you showcase your experience in funeral directing and your education in mortuary science, as the certification requires completing continuing education credits in addition to earning a degree. You need 180 hours or 18 continuing education credits to earn the CFSP certification. Some activities that can earn you the necessary credits include attending professional conferences, completing approved courses, speaking at schools and publishing academic articles. Once you have earned the CFSP credential, you must renew it annually by completing 20 hours of continuing education each year and paying a renewal fee.

CPC Certification

    If you offer preplanning services to your customers, the Certified Preplanning Consultant, CPC, certification can help you enhance your selling skills and demonstrate your professionalism. The CPC credential is offered by the National Funeral Directors Association, NFDA, and involves completing a certification course. Topics covered include ethics, preplanning principles, contract standards and listening skills. You may complete the course by attending an on-site seminar hosted by the NFDA or through correspondence in your own home. After completing the course, you will take a 75 question examination before being awarded with the CPC designation.

State-Specific Certifications

    Some state funeral director associations offer their own certifications. For example, the Colorado Funeral Directors Association offers the Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner, CMSP, Certified Embalming Technician, CET and Certified Funeral Director, CFD, credentials. Specific certifications may vary by state, so it is best to consult with your local professional organization.

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