Medicine Ball Circuit Training

Medicine ball circuit training can tone your entire body.

Medicine ball circuit training can tone your entire body.

Would you like to do a workout that is simple, tones your entire body quickly and will not bulk you up? Although you may think one like that doesn't exist, a medicine ball circuit training workout is just that and more. By rotating quickly through full body exercises, your body will say "Wow," so grab a six-pound medicine ball and get started.

Upper Body Circuits

To tone your arms, back and shoulders, complete upper body exercises with your medicine ball. Begin by literally throwing the ball at the floor. Do these overhead medicine ball slams for 30 seconds. Be careful not to let the ball hit you in the face as it bounces back up. Move on to a chop-and-lift exercise by lifting the ball diagonally across the front of your body and then "chopping" back down to the opposite hip. Do 30 seconds of the exercise for each hip. Finish with the most challenging exercise: push-ups with one hand on the medicine ball. Try these from your knees if push-ups from your feet are too difficult.

Core Circuits

Medicine ball core circuits focus on trunk twisting exercises to help you tone the obliques. Make sure that your rotations occur in your torso. Do not simply move your arms back and forth. The medicine ball should stay in front of your stomach at all times. Begin with standing rotations, twisting side to side for 30 seconds. Then have a seat on the ground, bend your knees and place your feet on the ground. From this position, rotate side to side again for 30 seconds. For added challenge, hold your feet off the ground and balance on your butt while you rotate and hold the ball.

Lower Body Circuits

You have the most exercise options in lower body circuits. Simply put a medicine ball in your hands and combine any leg exercise you already do with a twist or a press. For example, take a forward lunge and combine it with a medicine ball twist. Lunge forward and twist the medicine ball side to side. Or lunge forward and press the medicine ball up over your head. Try the same with squats, side lunges and step ups. Alternate legs while doing each exercise for 30 seconds, and complete a circuit of four exercises.

Ultimate Circuit Program Design

To create the ultimate workout for yourself, you'll need to group exercises together into sets of three. Take one upper body exercise, one core exercise and one lower body exercise to make a set. Set a timer for 30 seconds and do each exercise for 30 seconds. Once you finish one exercise, immediately move on to the next exercise. After you have completed one set, rest for one or two minutes, then begin a new set of different exercises. Complete three to five sets for your workout. Warm up before you start your sets and cool down after you finish them.

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