How to Find a Medical Assisting Externship

Medical assistants offer patient care in medical settings.
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Volunteering as medical assistant externship allows you to gain knowledge from listening and watching other medical assistants and physicians while they provide direct patient care. Additionally, an externship may give you an advantage when entering the workforce. Often potential employers prefer your externship experience over medical assistants with no on-site knowledge.

Step 1

Talk to your professors or clinical instructors in your program. Medical offices and hospitals often contact the college or training facility and request students for medical externships. If the program requires an externship, they will have a list and assist you with the process.

Step 2

Visit local hospitals, clinics and medical offices. Talk to the office manager or human resources representative and request an externship. Also, since externship positions are voluntary, talk to the facility’s volunteer coordinator if one is available.

Step 3

Contact other medical assistants regarding externships. Consider talking to upperclassmen or previous graduates from the program. Ask where they completed their externships.

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