Manifesting the Job of Your Dreams

Manifest your dream job by taking action.
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Untangle your legs from the Lotus position and put away your vision board because you’ve got work to do. Manifesting the job of your dreams is all about getting clear about what you don’t want, what you do want and then taking the necessary steps to get there. You’re about to become your own action figure. So stop chanting, "Om" and start saying, "I’m on it."

Clearing the Decks

Manifesting your dream job means first getting clear about what you don't want. It's easier to be brutally honest about the things that make you unhappy than to own up to what does. The one thing you know for sure is that whatever your job is now, it's not rocking your world. It may be the hours, the fact that you have to report to a boss or that you can't be as creative as you want that's stifling you. These are the things you have to consider, and don't hold back because you think that you should toe the line just because everyone else does.

Drilling Down

Now that you know what you don't want, start reaching into your dreams and pull out what makes you happy. Picture what you see yourself happily doing until you're 70. This is where a mind map comes in handy. Mind-mapping is a technique that helps you organize your thoughts. Start with a blank piece of paper and draw a circle around a central question or idea like, "What is my dream job?" Draw lines outward from the central question and write down the jobs you want to do. You can get wildly creative by branching out from the first, the secondary and even tertiary ideas until your page resembles a tree. But you first need to get clear on what you want to do.

Invest in Yourself

If the words puppies, green fields and helping people came up during your mind-mapping exercise, chances are you're craving to become a dog trainer in a rural setting. This is where manifesting your dream job becomes a little more action-oriented. Going from the dream to the job may involve taking courses, shadowing or volunteering with someone who's doing what you want to do. Investing in the education it takes to work at your dream job is non-negotiable. You have to become an expert at your dream, so put yourself in the way of opportunities to learn about, practice and experiment with aspects of the job you're manifesting.

Never Give Up

None of this is going to take place overnight. If you do have to take courses to pursue your dream, it takes time and money. So the one thing you can't do is quit your current job. You may even have to take on a part-time job to help pay the expenses that will make your dream happen. Ensure your significant other is on board with all of this because you need all the support you can get. Everyone has dreams, but most people don't act on them. This makes you special, but can also make you a target for ridicule. A dream worth having is worth fighting for, so keep strong, focused and believe in yourself to make your dream job a reality.

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