LPN Yearly Salary in Nebraska

Licensed practical nurses provide crucial care in Nebraska's health care facilities.
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Licensed practical nurses, sometimes called LPNs, work in a variety of medical settings,including general hospitals, physician's offices and nursing homes. According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, LPNs must have at least nine months of postsecondary schooling to be licensed in Nebraska, and must also practice under the direction of a registered nurse or a doctor.

Average Nebraska Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6,080 licensed practical nurses worked in Nebraska as of May 2012. They reported an average wage of $18.19 per hour and an average salary of $37,840 per year. By comparison, the national average pay for LPNs is $20.39 an hour, or $42,400 per year.

Pay in Urban Areas

The BLS says LPNs working in the the greater Sioux City metropolitan area of Nebraska earn the lowest average pay among nurses in urban areas, at $37,240 per year. LPNs employed in Lincoln received an average salary of $38,080. Those working in and around Omaha reported an average salary of $40,330 per year.

Pay in Nonmetropolitan Areas

On average, LPNs working in nonmetropolitan areas of Nebraska tend to earn less than their urban counterparts. Those employed in Western Nebraska receive the highest non-metropolitan salary, at $38,130 per year. LPNs working in Northeastern Nebraska get an average annual salary of $36,020. Nurses in central and southeastern Nebraska earn the lowest average nursing salary in Nebraska, at $35,720 and $35,690, respectively.

Job Outlook

According to the Nebraska Center for Nursing, Nebraska is suffering a nursing shortage. Nebraska's shortage was tallied as 658 LPNs as of 2010, but the number is expected to increase to 1,743 by 2020. Furthermore, the study found that 28 counties in Nebraska have less than 50 percent of the nurses they need to adequately serve their population. With this in mind, the job outlook for licensed practical nurses in Nebraska should be excellent for the foreseeable future, both in rural and urban areas.

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