Do You Lose More Weight Walking or on an Elliptical?

Using an elliptical trainer is an effective way to burn calories.
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Many people reach the point at which their jeans are just a little too snug, prompting them to seek out an exercise to improve their physique. If you aren't looking for something too arduous, such as circuit training, considering walking or using an elliptical trainer. An elliptical provides a faster calorie burn than walking, but walking has benefits too and you can easily adapt either exercise to your level of fitness and use it to burn calories to help you lose fat.


    If you want to lose fat, exercise is a key method of helping you reach this goal. recommends that people get roughly 150 minutes of moderate-paced aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise each week, although the more exercise you can fit into your schedule, the sooner you're likely see results. Walking and using an elliptical trainer are both aerobic activities and the harder and longer you perform each exercise, the more calories you'll burn.


    Walking might seem like a sedentary activity on the surface, and while it's not exactly the fastest way to burn calories, you'll still burn fat if you devote time to walking regularly. Walking is also an ideal choice if you're looking for a low-impact exercise for your joints. If you weigh 155 pounds and walk for 30 minutes at a speed of 3.5 miles per hour, you'll burn 149 calories. If you're able to maintain a pace of 4.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes, expect to burn 186 calories.

Elliptical Trainer

    Working out with an elliptical trainer is a little more complicated than walking, as you'll need a gym membership or have your own machine. The extra hassle is worth it when it comes to burning calories, as this type of exercise provides a faster calorie burn than walking. A 155-pound person who spends 30 minutes using an elliptical trainer will burn 335 calories. This type of exercise is ideal because in addition to working your lower body, the handles of the machine help tone your arms.


    To effectively lose weight, you must burn 3,500 calories beyond what you consume. The average woman should consume roughly 1,940 calories per day. Set a goal of losing one or two pounds per week and combine walking or using an elliptical trainer with a healthy, low-calorie diet to help get results. Always consult a physician before attempting a new type of workout.

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