How to Lose Neck Fat

It is hard to hide a pudgy neck in a stylish way.
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Neck fat can be one of the most troublesome types of fat for women. Unlike excess fat in other areas of the body, neck fat is hard to hide. It also is immediately obvious to strangers, making it a more urgent point of focus for women looking to lose weight. However, even with today’s modern methods, it is impossible to spot reduce, or lose weight in only one place. To lose neck fat, you will need to engage in a full exercise and diet routine.

    Step 1

    Reduce your caloric intake. Eat at a caloric deficit of around 500 calories. Calculate what you eat regularly, in calories, and remove 500 calories worth of food from your diet. Eating at a caloric deficit will force your body to consume fat stores for energy, including those in your neck,

    Step 2

    Engage in a cardio routine. Add at least 30 minutes of cardio exercises to your daily routine. Choose any continuous exercise that brings your heart rate to around 65 percent of its maximum for your cardio exercise. You can take one or two days off per week, but you should strive for daily exercise, as this cardio workout will help you burn off fat reserves even more quickly.

    Step 3

    Engage in strength training. Add one or two days of strength training to your exercise routine. Any style of strength training, whether training for muscle mass or endurance, will benefit your weight-loss program, as these exercises add muscle -- improving metabolism -- and burn calories -- helping your caloric deficit. Consult the help of a personal trainer for guidance on strength training, if you are new to this form of exercise.

    Step 4

    Perform neck strength exercises. Add neck flexions and neck extensions to your routine a month or two into your weight-loss program. Neck flexions require you to move your head forward under resistance, and neck extensions require you to move your head backward under resistance. These neck exercises will help tighten up loose neck skin left by the removal of fat.


    • Be sure to talk to the appropriate medical and fitness experts before making large changes in your diet or exercise routine.

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