How to Lose Belly Fat With Pilates

Pilates provides a full-body workout that benefits your abdominal muscles.
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Belly fat has got to be one of the most despised subjects out there for most women. There's no real way around it -- belly fat is both hard to get rid of and even harder to disguise underneath clothing. Luckily there are exercise programs such as Pilates that can help get rid of stomach fat. Pilates works the core muscle groups, which include the abs, thighs, back and chest, and at the same time provides an intense enough workout to burn calories, particularly when done at an intermediate or advanced level. A flat tummy is possible with Pilates if you have the right motivation, attitude and willingness to work hard to accomplish your goal.

    Step 1

    Place the flexible tape measure around the smallest part of your natural waist and take your measurement. Write down this number. This will provide you with information on whether your Pilates program is working to help you reduce the amount of fat in your stomach area. Take this measurement once a week while you are being physically active.

    Step 2

    Plan to do Pilates at least four days per week, especially if it is the only exercise routine you are practicing. Sessions should last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes each time. Start at a beginner's level to learn the exercises and breathing techniques, but move into an intermediate or advanced level as soon as you can. Intermediate and advanced Pilates provide calorie-burning benefits, and therefore fat burning, that is on par with moderate-intensity aerobic activities.

    Step 3

    Do all of the exercises that take place in a typical Pilates workout, not only the ones you think focus on the abdominals. Pilates focuses on your core, but many of the exercises help your stomach muscles by working out other parts of your body as well. Toe dips and leg circles are good exercises for directly working your abs, but the full-body workout is what you need to take and keep the belly fat off of your body.

    Step 4

    Breathe deeply while doing Pilates for maximum benefits. Gently squeeze your abdominal muscles toward your spine when you inhale. Keep them in place when you exhale to exert control over this part of your body. Keep your shoulders relaxed as you breathe.

    Step 5

    Work hard while you are doing Pilates to gain the optimal benefits to your belly. You should feel your body working up a sweat each time you work out. Push yourself harder to continue gaining mind and body benefits from this type of exercise program.


    • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water each day. Pilates is a good way to exercise and burn belly fat, but you need to eat a diet that is optimal for your body as well, usually somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, healthy fats, low-fat dairy and whole grains for best results. In addition, remember to drink between six and 10 glasses of water each day.

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