How to Get More Loft on Golf Drives

Some address and swing improvements will result in higher shots off the tee.
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Adding more loft to your drives will help you hit shots that carry farther, flying over trouble and increasing your overall distance. Bubba Watson, one of the longest hitters on the men’s PGA Tour, helped his wife hit the ball higher and farther by putting a more lofted driver in her hands. If changing clubs isn’t the right option for you, then you can make some adjustments to your set up and swing to get more height.

Address Position

    Step 1

    Move your ball position up off the instep of your left foot. To hit the ball higher, you need to catch the ball at the bottom of your swing arc, or with the club moving slightly on the upswing.

    Step 2

    Tee the ball higher. At least half the golf ball should rise above the clubface at address, which will help you hit the ball on the upswing.

    Step 3

    Set your hands even with or slightly behind the ball at address. If your hands are pushed too far forward in your set up, you take loft off the club and encourage lower shots.

    Step 4

    Position yourself so you feel as if your right shoulder and right hip are lower than your left shoulder and hip. This will create a small tilt in your spine away from the target. Maintaining that spine tilt will help you to hit the ball on the upswing, producing more lofted shots.

Swing Mechanics

    Step 1

    Create extension in your takeaway by moving the club away from the ball with your arms and shoulders and torso working together. A wide backswing arc will help produce a sweeping swing that gets the ball airborne.

    Step 2

    Hinge your wrists on the backswing so the butt of your club points at the target line halfway back. Many women collapse their wrists at the top of their swing. This leads to a bowed left wrist and a closed club face, two positions that promote low, smothered drives.

    Step 3

    Complete your turn and your arm swing at the same time in the backswing to prevent collapsing and bowing your wrists. You should feel as if your left thumb and your right wrist are underneath the grip supporting the club.

    Step 4

    Start your downswing by laterally shifting your hips toward the target while holding your upper back over your right leg. To strike the ball on the upswing your upper body must stay back behind the ball until after the club makes contact. Staying back will allow you to retain the spine tilt your created at address.


    • To get the feel for the proper tilt away from the target at address and into the backswing, instructor David Leadbetter recommends making practice swings with your driver on an upslope. This will automatically lower your right side and produce the spine tilt your need for more lofted tee shots.


    • Although you need a little spine tilt away from the target to hit the ball on the upswing, avoid leaving too much weight on your right leg. Hanging back on your right side will lead to weak or inconsistent contact and poor shots.

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