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Some people open their noses to odor as odor testers.

Some people open their noses to odor as odor testers.

You clock in, collapse into your desk chair, stare at a computer screen and clock out -- the monotony only broken temporarily by lunch and a 15-minute break or two. While this is the image most immediately picture of a “day on the job,” for some, going to work isn’t anywhere near this mundane. Some jobs, in fact, are anything but normal. For workers who hold strange jobs, bringing home a paycheck requires the completion of some unexpected and, at times, odd, tasks.


Though a job in maintenance may not seem in the least exotic, some jobs in the field actually are. The degree to which a maintenance job is exciting depends upon what the individual is in charge of maintaining.

Those water traps on the golf course would fill up with poorly hit golf balls if they weren’t plucked from the water by someone whose job is to maintain these features -- golf ball divers.

The massive movie-theater screens that allow viewers to feel like they are right in the action also require maintaining, and IMAX screen cleaners fulfill this duty, keeping the largest of screens spot-free and ready to use.


Being a human guinea pig can produce a paycheck.

Odor testers deliberately put their noses in places others avoid -- including human armpits. People who work in this capacity are often asked to use their noses to determine the effectiveness of deodorants.

Humans aren’t the only creatures that want tasty food. While it may not appeal to some people’s palates, there are people who work as dog-food testers. These workers crunch away on kibble to determine if the food’s tasty enough for the pickiest of pooches.


Not all medical professionals see patients and hand out prescriptions. Some put their skills to use in less typical ways.

Forensic dentists use their knowledge of human teeth to solve crimes. They often identify bodies using dental records. They may also help to determine guilt or innocence by investigating bite patterns.

Odd medical jobs don’t belong only to those who service the dead. Prosthetists produce prosthetic limbs or braces, often to fit the specific measurements of individual clients. To do this, they must measure patients and mold the life-changing limbs.


Party tricks and demonstrations of uncommon skill are how some uncommon-job holders earn their livings.

While many work up a sweat, moving hurriedly to complete their daily work, some people’s entire job is to hold still. Human statues strike a pose and hold it -- professionally. They may hold these poses for several minutes or several hours as patrons of the arts look on.

Another outside-the-box option, lipstick readers, read kiss marks and purport to tell the puckerers what their lip creases say about them.

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