A List of Four Examples of Lack of Character in the Workplace

A person without character doesn't care about her behavior.

A person without character doesn't care about her behavior.

The last thing you want to be known as at work is a person that lacks character. People with character are trustworthy, fair and empathetic. A person of character has values that do not change with the whims of what's popular in the moment. A woman of character stands for what she believes in and treats everyone equally. Lack of character at work eventually translates to lack of work.


A person without character is disrespectful to other people. When you don't have character, you more than likely also lack self-esteem and self-worth. When you don't value yourself, it's hard to find value in anyone else. Lack of character displays itself in the way that a person treats other people, especially people who are more vulnerable. A workplace bully is an example of a person without character.


Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of someone with character. A person who justifies stealing office supplies or taking a lunch that belongs to someone else from the office refrigerator displays a lack of character. A person of character maintains her values even if no one is watching. She would no more think of stealing a pen, as she would think of stealing money from a bank. A dishonest person cannot be counted on to tell the truth in any situation.


When you make a contract with an employer to do a job and consistently don't show up to do that job, you are displaying a lack of character. A person of character honors her agreements, including the agreement she made to perform work for a salary. Unreliability in the workplace places a burden on your employer and on your co-workers, who have to step in to do your job. A person without character cannot be counted on to meet a deadline.


When you lack character, you lack ethics and values. Ethics and values keep you from manipulating others. A manipulator uses other people to achieve his own ends. He doesn't think that what he is doing is wrong, because along with being a manipulator, he is self-absorbed. Manipulators exploit the weaknesses in others and take advantage of others and situations whenever they can. Their behavior can seem random, but it is all part of a ploy to get what they want at the expense of everyone else.

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