List of Accomplishments to Describe Myself While Writing a Performance Review

Include specific examples in your self review.
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Heaping accolades on yourself and bragging about your amazing skills may not come easily to you, but sometimes your job requires it. Some managers ask employees to review their own performance, usually in addition to a supervisor's evaluation. A self review helps managers understand how satisfied, productive and self-aware employees are --- or at least think they are. When you write a self-evaluation, honesty is the best policy -- but tailor your review so it focuses on your greatest strengths.

Numerical Data

    Cite specific, detailed work examples in your performance review. Include precise numbers or metrics whenever possible, such as how many workers you supervise, how many projects you have completed on time, how many new clients you brought to the company and how much merchandise you sold. Avoid using vague adjectives, such as large, plentiful and sufficient. Quantifiable information is more impressive. Keep running tallies and maintain weekly reports so you're ready when review time rolls around.


    Provide details that show you completed projects on time. List achievements from the entire previous year -- or since your last review. Managers will be less concerned with how you completed a task; they simply want to make sure you got the job done on time. If the job required you to meet deadlines, include those successes in your review. Include customer, client and patient customer service reviews if they directly relate to your ability to provide fast and effective service. It never hurts to include a praiseworthy letter from a client if it makes you look like a superstar.


    List ways that you overcame workplace struggles. Managers appreciate a worker's ability to overcome obstacles. Show your boss that you can handle conflicts with co-workers, difficulties with subordinates, tensions with clients, technical malfunctions and budget constraints, without sacrificing productivity.

Co-Worker Feedback

    Describe positive feedback from your co-workers. Obviously, your goal is to include only flattering comments, but avoid platitudes. Ask co-workers to write notes of praise. A self-evaluation is the perfect opportunity to convince your boss that she can't live without you, and that you deserve a raise.

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