Does Lifting Weights With the Legs Cause a Bigger Butt?

Certain workouts can help you increase your butt size.
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In movies, television, magazines and other forms of media, the typical depiction of lifting weights is that it's a surefire way to create a hulking physique. However, that isn't necessarily the case. Resistance training can be incorporated into workout programs that aid in the attainment of a broad range of goals, from weight loss to muscle gain. You can even lift weights as part of a program to increase your butt size. However, not every exercise that involves your legs will promote a bigger butt, so it helps to understand some anatomy before designing your workouts.

What Kind of Exercise Makes Muscles Bigger?

    You've probably noticed that not everyone in the gym is hulk-sized. One reason for this is that not all weightlifting is guaranteed to build big muscles. One primary determination of whether lifting weights makes muscles such as those in your butt stronger, bigger or more likely to endure long workouts is the number of repetitions of each exercise you perform. If you want to increase size, you should use heavy weights and perform sets of six to 12 repetitions of each exercise. Higher numbers of repetitions with lighter weights will promote improvements in muscular endurance, but not necessarily size.

What Kind of Exercises Will Work my Butt?

    Not every leg exercise will target your butt. If that were the case, you'd probably see a lot more people with big butts. In order to increase butt size, you'll need to perform exercises that work the muscles in your butt: the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. These muscles are often simply referred to as the glutes, and you can work them by performing exercises such as the squat, dumbbell step-up, deadlift, side lunge and squat jump.

Does Rest Time Matter?

    One important and often-overlooked aspect of gaining muscle size is rest periods. While you might think cranking out nonstop reps in the gym is a good way to promote increases in muscle size, that's not the case. As the National Council on Strength & Fitness notes, the amount of time you spend resting between sets can make a big difference in your results. The council suggests that rest periods between 30 and 90 seconds long will help you maximize muscle size, meaning you'll be seeing a bigger butt before you know it. This duration is beneficial because it helps promote growth hormone release.

What Leg Exercises Won't Make My Butt Bigger?

    If you feel as though you've amassed sufficient butt mass and don't want your butt to get any bigger, you should avoid those exercises that place an emphasis on your rear. But, there are plenty of other muscles on your legs worthy of working out. Aim for isolation exercises, or those that work just one muscle group at a time, such as leg extensions, lying leg curls and standing calf raises. Such exercises can help you boost leg strength for sports, running and biking without necessarily boosting your butt size.

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