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Focus a leasing agent cover letter on experience working with clients.
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Leasing agents find rental properties for prospects in a commercial or residential setting. Organizational skills are an asset if you are seeking a job as a leasing agent. When writing a cover letter for a leasing agent opening, show your prospective employer your skills and interests in the position. Make the introduction and concluding paragraph brief -- only two to three sentences long. The paragraphs can be a it longer when describing what you know about the company and your related experience. Leasing agent positions do not typically require an advanced degree; however, previous experience in real estate or leasing is helpful to land a job in the field.


    Spend the first part of your cover letter introducing yourself as a leasing professional. Later in your letter, you can explain in more detail why you're right for the position. In the intro, however, briefly state how you found out about the job and what initially appealed to you about it. This is where you can explain in a sentence your qualifications, that you're passionate about real estate, and how you look forward to working in leasing. Also, mention if you were referred by an associate of the company.

Talk About The Company

    In another paragraph, elaborate on what you know about the company. Research the organization beforehand so that you can provide information in your letter that impresses your potential boss. Focus on what specifically interests you about the company. If their mission statement resonates with you, explain why and also how you would fit into the culture. Gather information on their current and upcoming developments and state specific reasons you would like to participate in their new projects. For example, if you know they are developing a new high-rise luxury condo building, and you have a track record working with high-end clients, mention this experience as relevant to the desired leasing position.

Talk About You

    In this critical part of your cover letter, explain how your skills would be perfect in the position. Before you write this paragraph, list the job duties you've held in the past alongside the expectations for the new job. From there, draw a correlation between your experience and the duties listed on the job description for the new position, explaining how this is an asset to the company. For example, if you are applying for a commercial leasing position but only have residential experience, relate your previous background working with challenging clients in general and drawing up contracts.


    To wrap up your cover letter applying for a leasing agent position, end on a strong and positive note. Reiterate in a sentence why you are right as their new leasing agent. Focus on your people skills and any experience you have with successfully following up with clients and processing required documents. Request an interview and express your hope to meet the interviewer in person.

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