Kundalini Rising & Weight Loss

Unblock Kundalini rising energy to overcome weight-loss difficulties.
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In ancient Sanskrit, Kundalini means coiled snake. Yoga practitioners believe the coiled serpent is a feminine energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until something triggers its release. The trigger could be from intentional psycho-spiritual development, emotional blocks in the mind or body that have obstructed the energy being released, the result of a trauma or an inexperienced person’s misguided meditations. The release of the coiled energy can erupt all-at-once or more subtly over time.

Kundalini Rising

People experience the Kundalini energy rising from the root chakra differently. You might have dreams of powerful energy like earthquakes and tidal waves or you could encounter unstable feelings of energy in your legs and pelvis. Other symptoms you may come across are emotional disturbances, sensations of heat or loss of motor control. When the energy stored in the root chakra is awakened it attempts to move upward toward the crown chakra. If the energy runs into a blockage, which is usually at the sacral or solar plexus level, the energy gets stuck in the legs until the blockage is removed or resolved. Oftentimes the release is very explosive.

How Cortisol Affects Weight Loss

Cortisol is a hormone that releases glucose, protein and fat stored in the tissues of your body into your bloodstream to increase energy for a flight or fight response. Your body’s response to physical and emotional stress is identical. You have an increased appetite, but often without the physical aspect of fleeing the danger to burn off the extra calories. The majority of the threats that modern man encounters are emotional. And the response to emotional stress is comfort-food that is high in carbs, fat and sugar. Not only does excess cortisol create havoc for your weight-loss attempts, it also negatively impacts your immune system and ability to heal.

Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss

Kundalini Yoga techniques will attack your weight on two different levels. The rigorous stretching and movement will increase your metabolism while the breathing techniques will quiet your mind and relieve stress. Once you are centered and more relaxed, your body will not produce as much cortisol. Many yoga practitioners believe that if your body stays in a relaxed state your body will also be free from fat.

Correlation between Weight Loss and Kundalini Rising

Successful weight loss is a multi-level approach. If you are aware that your Kundalini energy is stuck as it is rising or you are having emotional responses to stress, you can use some Kundalini Yoga breathing techniques and poses to help you release the stuck energy. Once the energy is released in a controlled and monitored fashion you will be more successful in your weight-loss endeavors because your stress levels have been reduced and your immunity and ability to heal are fully functional. You will have to master your stress responses and the rising Kundalini energy before you can master your weight loss.

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