Kundalini Exercises to Balance Hormones

Kundalini yoga practitioners say it can balance your hormones.
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When your mood is off kilter, you might imagine all sorts of causes, from a terse encounter with a co-worker to a dull, rainy day. But it might just be that your hormones are out of balance. Your endocrine glands, among which are the pituitary, thymus, thyroid and the adrenals, produce the hormones that regulate your body’s growth, metabolism and moods. Kundalini yoga was designed to address all of your body’s operations, including regulation of your hormones. Kundalini exercises may help to balance or even improve your hormonal functions, but consult with your doctor before trying an alternative healing system such as Kundalini yoga.

Twist for Life

If you find yourself constantly living on the edge of the fight-or-flight response, your adrenal glands will become overtaxed by the secretion of too much adrenaline. Take pre-emptive measures with this Kundalini exercise for your adrenal glands. Sitting in a chair at work or at home, clasp your hands behind your neck and on an exhale, turn your upper body to the left. Inhale and turn to the right. Move quickly from left to right for up to a minute. The twisting motion massages the kidneys and adrenal glands, which may help to balance your hormones.

Thymus Thump

Although your thymus gland -- which is responsible for growth in humans -- has completed its primary function by the time you turn 13, it still has an active role in producing white blood cells throughout your life. This Kundalini exercise is thought to help regulate your thymus and strengthen your immune system. Sit in a chair or on a yoga mat and place the fingers of your right hand on your chest about two inches below the middle of your right collarbone. Tap your fingers quickly and firmly against your chest for up to one minute, breathing normally throughout.

Pelvic Lifts

Traditional yoga offers the Bridge pose to help stimulate your thyroid gland. Kundalini yoga takes the Bridge one step further by adding a fast-moving element. Lie on your back on a rug or yoga mat. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor about six inches from your buttocks. With your arms flat on the floor by your sides, inhale and lift your hips off the floor. Exhale and release your hips back to the floor. Continue raising and lowering your hips quickly for up to a minute. Each time you raise your hips, lower your chin into your chest to help balance the hormones secreted by the thyroid.

Leg and Finger Pumps

In the Kundalini tradition, it is suggested that your glands have a connection to the thousands of nerve endings in your feet and fingers. The Leg and Finger Pumps are a gentle way to massage your endocrine glands and balance your hormones. Lie on your back on a yoga mat. Raise your legs off the floor to a 60-degree angle. Bring the soles of your feet together and let your knees splay open as you bring your feet close in to your body, then straighten them again. At the same time, bring your fingertips together and flex your hands in and out. Continue both movements simultaneously for up to one minute.

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