What Kind of Negative Attitudes Are There on a Job?

Bad attitudes at work come in different shapes and sizes.
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At work, you'll find a variety of personalities. Some people will make you smile. Others will test your patience. However, more than anything, you'll meet a lot of people who refuse to check their attitudes at the door. They'll bring drama into the workplace, and you'll conspire ways of avoiding them at all costs. If you work with a Negative Nancy, you're in for a nonstop pity party, but that's not even the worst of it.

The Condescending Type

You'll know immediately when you're dealing with a condescending manager or belittling co-worker. Watch out for biting remarks at meetings, eye rolls at your suggestions and subtle digs about your performance. The condescending type will try to make you seem inferior and try to lower your confidence by using their words and mannerisms as weapons.

The Jerk

Not everyone is going to walk into work with a smile; however, there are people who will make sure that you won't either. Misery loves company. The miserable type may crack a joke with you one day, but the next day she won't bother to say hello. If you have a good idea at work, she won't acknowledge it. If you get a promotion, don't expect her to sign the congratulations card.

The Manipulator

You've known about fake people since high school, but now that they've gotten meaner and sneakier. The manipulative type in the workplace will keep her friends close -- and her enemies closer. Everyone is a pawn in her master plan, and she uses people to get ahead. She may be nice on the outside, but after she's done using you, it'll leave a sense of negativity and betrayal in the atmosphere.

The Instigator

She may be far from a drama queen. She may even be quiet, but she's poisonous to the work environment. No, she doesn't really gossip, but she knows exactly what to say to get under your skin. This silent killer will prey on your self-doubt to destroy you and lessen her competition. This sneaky professional climber may leave a bad taste in a few people's mouths, ensuing a sense of paranoia in the workplace.

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