Kegel Pelvic Muscle Thigh Exerciser Instructions

Kegel exercises can help pregnant women during delivery.
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Kegel exercises can be done to treat or prevent weakness in the pelvic floor and to strengthen muscles that control urine flow. They can also make delivery easier for some women during child birth, according to the American Pregnancy Association. In addition, Kegel exercises can improve sexual pleasure since toned and strengthened vaginal muscles can boost arousal. A Kegel, pelvic muscle, thigh exerciser is a small gadget that you place between your thighs and squeeze together to give your pelvic floor muscles a workout.

    Step 1

    Put on comfortable clothing and find a private, comfortable place in your home, such as your bedroom.

    Step 2

    Place the Kegel, pelvic muscle, thigh exerciser between your upper thighs, just below your pelvic floor. Keep it around one to two inches down from your pelvic floor to prevent pinching.

    Step 3

    Position the Kegel exerciser so that the wings fit snugly to the back of your thighs.

    Step 4

    Squeeze with your thighs until the Kegel, pelvic muscle, thigh exerciser closes and hold that position for about five seconds.

    Step 5

    Relax, allowing the Kegel exerciser to open back up.

    Step 6

    Wait five seconds, then squeeze the Kegel exerciser shut again. Repeat approximately ten times, twice per day for the best results.

    Step 7

    Keep your pelvis square with your knees and don't lean to one side while using this exercise gadget.

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