How to Keep Quad Muscles From Tightening Up During Workouts

Stretching is one way to deal with quad tightness.
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A tight feeling in your quad muscles can lead you to ditch an exercise routine before you've reached your fitness goals. However, muscle tightness doesn't have to spoil your workout routine or prevent you from getting the hot bod you're working toward. Instead of getting injured because you worked out with tight quads, reduce and prevent muscle tightness in your gams so you can get through your exercise routine without pain.

    Step 1

    Prepare your muscles for exercise and avoid quad tightness by warming up for five to 10 minutes. Start your activity at a slower pace, such as walking before running, instead of assaulting your muscles with sudden moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity.

    Step 2

    Perform a quad stretch following your warm-up, but before you get into your regular pace of activity. Stand behind a chair, holding on to the top for balance. Reach behind your body and grab your toes as you bend your leg and try to touch your booty with your foot. Hold the quad stretch for five counts, and then switch legs and repeat.

    Step 3

    Slow your pace or stop and stretch your muscles during the workout if tightening occurs. Hold the stretch, rather than bouncing, to avoid aggravating the muscle further.

    Step 4

    Stretch out your quad muscles after working out by using a foam roller. Get on all fours with the roller underneath your feet. Roll your feet in and out for 20 to 30 seconds to feel the stretch on the fronts of your gams.

    Step 5

    Massage those quads with foam rollers to get rid of cramps and tightness. Lie on your side with the roller underneath your thigh. Prop yourself up on your hand so only your lower body is on the ground. Roll your thigh back and forth over the roller for 30 to 45 seconds to massage the muscles. Switch sides and repeat on the other leg.

    Step 6

    Drink a lot of water each day -- eight to 10 cups, at least -- to avoid dehydration that can cause your quads and other muscles to cramp up during and after exercise. Carry a water bottle with your during exercise to make hydration easy.


    • Continuing to workout with quad tightness can cause an injury. Avoid being sidelined by relieving tightness before resuming your workout.


    • See your doctor if leg or muscle pain prevents you from getting your body mini-dress ready.

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