Does Jumping on a Trampoline Burn Fat?

A trampoline session can help you burn a couple hundred calories.
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Sure, it's an exciting way to keep active, but no one ever said you have to be miserable while you're exercising to burn fat. Jumping on a trampoline won't help you burn calories to burn fat at nearly the same rate as more traditional exercises, but don't discount this simple activity just yet. Whether you want to lose a couple pounds of fat in time for bikini season, or your doctor has warned you about your weight, regular trampoline workouts can help you work toward your goal.

Trampoline Calories Burned

    Jumping on a trampoline burns calories at a fraction of the rate of more vigorous exercises, such as running, swimming and bicycling, but a single workout can still burn several calories. According to CalorieLab, a 125-pound person will burn 143 calories in an hour of jumping on a trampoline. Someone who weighs 185 pounds will burn 210 calories with the same workout. In an hour of running, swimming or bicycling, a 125-pound person and a 185-pound person can burn between 500 and 1,000 calories, respectively, notes Harvard Medical School.

Burning Fat

    Burning calories contributes to burning fat, but to experience noticeable fat loss you must consistently put your body in a calorie deficit. With this deficit, you're steadily burning more calories than you consume. Doing so is possible through a combination of regular exercise and a low-calorie diet. A deficit of 3,500 calories results in the loss of a single pound of fat, notes Creating a calorie deficit is often dependent on how vigorous or lengthy workouts are. One short trampoline workout each day is unlikely to be enough to put your body in a calorie deficit, but if you supplement your workout regimen with other exercises, trampolining can play a role in contributing to fat loss.

Jogging on a Trampoline

    If you want to increase the calorie-burning rate of your trampoline workout, consider jogging on it instead of just bouncing. The act of jogging requires more muscle engagement, which leads to more calories burned. Mini trampolines, which are common at many gyms, are ideal for jogging. A 125-pound person will burn 200 calories in an hour of jogging on a mini trampoline and a 185-pound person will burn 294 calories during the same workout.

Comparable Activities

    Although you might be tired after a trampoline workout, this activity only burns calories on par with low-intensity workouts that you likely wouldn't use in an effort to lose weight. Harvard Medical School notes playing an hour-long game of billiards will help you burn slightly more calories than an hour of jumping on a trampoline. Golfing with a cart burns calories marginally faster than jogging on a trampoline.

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