Jump Rope Compared to Other Cardiovascular Exercises

You can jump rope indoors or outdoors.
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Jumping rope is a very effective cardiovascular exercise. It raises your heart rate and burns calories more efficiently than most aerobic activities. You can jump rope almost anywhere; all you need is a rope, which you can slip into your bag when you've finished.

Jump Rope Workout

    A jump rope workout incorporates most of the major muscle groups, including arms, legs, shoulders, butt, abs and chest. It can also develop hand and foot coordination and increase body awareness. The number of calories burned depends on how much you weigh and how long you jump. MayoClinic.com reports that a 160-pound person would burn 861 calories if she jumped rope for an hour, while a 200-pound person would burn 1,074 calories, and a 240-pound person would burn a massive 1,286 calories.

Vigorous Intensity Cardiovascular Exercises

    Jumping rope rates as one of the best cardio exercises and burns calories at the same rate as fast running at 8 mph. It burns 14.5 percent more calories than the equivalent time spent on taekwondo, 31 percent more than working on a stair treadmill, 42 percent more than running at 5 mph, 47.5 percent more than playing tennis singles, basketball or football, 57 percent more than in-line and 61.6 percent more than high impact aerobics. This means 10 minutes of jumping rope burns as many calories as just over 16 minutes of high impact aerobics -- definitely a great way to keep in shape.

Moderate Intensity Cardiovascular Exercises

    Jumping rope burns calories 68.6 percent more than racquetball, ice-skating or backpacking, 73.6 percent more than cross-country skiing, 96.5 percent more than water skiing, 103.7 percent more than lap swimming, 114.1 percent more than water aerobics, 135.8 percent more than low impact aerobics, resistance (weight) training, softball or baseball, and 174 percent more than downhill skiing, golfing carrying clubs or walking at 3.5 mph. You would have to walk at 3.5 mph for more than 27 minutes to burn the same number of calories as jumping rope for 10 minutes.

Low Intensity Cardiovascular Exercises

    Compared to leisure bicycling more slowly than 10 mph or playing volleyball, jump rope is 195 percent more efficient at burning calories over the same time. Jumping rope burns 236.7 percent more calories than canoeing, 293.7 percent more than bowling, ballroom dancing or tai chi, and 321.9 percent more than walking at 2 mph. You would have to walk at this speed for over 42 minutes to burn the same amount of calories as jumping rope for 10 minutes. If you have been sedentary for a while, begin with just a few minutes of jumping rope each day, and you'll soon reap the benefits.

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