Jobs for Teachers Outside of Education

A teacher can use her skills to achieve success in a variety of fields.
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Each year, approximately 8 percent of public school teachers leave the profession, according to the U.S. Department of Education. If you are one of them, you likely want to use your hard-earned skills so your education and experience don't go to waste; you also likely want to work in an engaging career. Many career opportunities await former teachers.

Life Coach

    As a teacher, you likely spent part of each workday encouraging students to do their best work. If you went beyond your job description, you also talked to your charges about their goals and how to implement them, as well as coping successfully with setbacks. If this was the case, consider hanging out a shingle as a life coach. A life coach helps people to set and clarify goals, along with giving them the tools to obtain them, whether the goal is weight loss, a new career or better relationships.

Child Care Worker

    A certified teacher can command a relatively high salary as a nanny, particularly in urban areas. This is a good option for single teachers to consider, as many positions are live-in and the salary can be applied toward savings or other goals. If a teacher decides to open her own child care facility, she will be able to command competitive prices due to her credentials and experience. Some former teachers may be qualified to serve as director of a child care facility.

Jobs in Academic Field

    Middle school and high school teachers often have majors in academic specialty areas such as science, foreign language or math. Such teachers can find work that fits into their specialty. For example, a French teacher could become a translator, a science teacher could go to work in a lab, and a math teacher could serve as a statistical analyst for any number of corporations. Teachers whose background is in kinesiology can find enjoyable work as personal trainers.

Dream Job

    Consider what you dreamed of doing when you were a child, and take up that activity, if appropriate. You may have thought of becoming an artist, a musician or a clothing designer. As an educator, you are likely a self-directed learner, and can research ways to build your skills in a new area of interest. Teachers bring a lot to the table as entrepreneurs, because the skills needed for classroom management, record-keeping and conveying information are particularly valuable in new business pursuits.

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