Jobs for Civilians at Maxwell Air Force Base

Because Air Force bases operate as mini cities for the soldiers and families who live there, they contain nearly every type of business or service you may need. The military hires U.S. citizens, including soldier's spouses, to fill jobs in these sectors. These citizens work in grocery stores, schools and medical offices on bases, including Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama.

Medical and Social Services

Maxwell AFB provides soldiers and their families with a variety of medical services and hires civilians to fill those roles. If you have an educational background in medicine, you could work as doctor in pediatrics, general medicine or obstetrics. With the right training, you could serve as a nurse, nurse practitioner, paramedic or emergency medical technician. Maxwell AFB also employs civilians in specialized medical positions such as dentistry, cytotechnology, radiology, optometry and pharmacy. Social workers provide mental health programs, set up counseling and other services and oversee family advocacy programs.

Business and Administration

Because it is a small city, Maxwell AFB employs numerous administrative and business positions to assure that everything runs smoothly inside. Business roles include acquisition managers, logistics personnel, budget analysts, accountants, auditors, supervisors and executive assistants. Other business roles include public affairs, communications, internal affairs and operations. Citizens with specialized skill sets also find employment at Maxwell AFB, taking on roles as chaplains, engineers, computer and information techs, lawyers, security personnel and meteorologists.

Entertainment and Retail

Along with business and professional roles, Maxwell AFB offers positions in retail, working in the commissary and retail stores. You can work for the University Inn, Maxwell’s on-base lodging facility, manning the front desk, working in the office or serving as a housekeeper. Soldiers at Maxwell have access to a number of entertainment outlets that employ civilians, including the auto hobby shop, library, bowling alley, golf course, fitness centers and outdoor recreation. You also could work in one of Maxwell’s clubs, lounges, restaurants, dining facilities or the event center.

Educational and Family Focused

Maxwell AFB has its own elementary school with positions for civilians in teaching and administration. It also operates a child care center and a library, both with positions filled by civilians. Other services with employment for civilians include the base’s youth sport and child development programs. The Air University, a major educational hub for many Air Force personnel, is housed at Maxwell and partially staffed by civilians.

Job Requirements

Each civilian position comes with its own specialized requirements based on the role. For example, base doctors must have a medical degree and license to practice in any U.S. state. Along with those specific qualifications, you’ll have to meet other requirements, including being a U.S. citizen and undergoing thorough background checks. Depending on the position, you also may have to earn security clearance.

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